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Engagement Bliss!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Oh my heart! I have been waiting for 'the moment' to post this testimonial. With Covid-19 having played absolute havoc with everyones future plans on a global scale, I felt that I would save this one for once we were all able to start picking ourselves up and dusting off the shelved plans for engagements, weddings, baptisms, birthdays and all other events that we have had to wait patiently and anxiously to commence.

I am truly blessed to have been able to photograph this couple and their friends and family at their intimate gathering to celebrate the South African edition of their engagement.

"When our youngest son who had been alone on the other side of the Atlantic for almost two decades met the young woman he was destined to marry and brought her home to meet us all we were so overjoyed that we held an engagement party to share our happiness with friends and family.

We gave Jasmine the task of recording this special moment in our lives. She far surpassed our expectations by coming to a venue completely unknown to her in a city not her own and by capturing the essence of who we are. She subtly set all participants, many of whom were strangers to each other, at ease and got them all cooperating in creating a truly joyful memory of a very special day. Peculiar poses and pulling funny faces was tactfully discouraged and everyone ended up looking really attractive. She got the engaged couple to pose like professional models naturally and without embarrassment, enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Jasmine ensured that all the family and guests were included in the photographs, no one was overlooked. The décor, the food, the dancing, the glorious natural setting – nothing was forgotten. She was always unobtrusive, always vigilant for a good shot, smiling and friendly for the entire time, blending in as one of the guests. She gave the impression that she was very happy to be playing a part in our happiness and did not keep the guests waiting for hours on the sidelines whilst she did what she had come to do.

It was a huge pleasure to meet Jasmine and just as great a pleasure to see the results of her work.

We would highly recommend her for any photographic assignment you may have."

Marion G

South Africa

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